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Project Administrator


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The unique Project Administrator module has been designed to manage CIL and S106 spending on infrastructure projects from one central point, either individually or in conjunction with each other. It links directly to the CIL and S106 Administrator modules to show the ‘live’ overall financial situation, and provides instant and direct access to your entire contributions portfolio (potential, actual, allocated and spent). The module allows you to allocate sums directly from the various income streams, and back-links to Section 106 Agreements to evidence apportionment (including automatic warnings if the ‘five contribution’ pooling rule is breached).

The CIL and S106 modules are automatically updated to keep records accurate across the entire system with no need for multiple manual input. Other sources of funding, such as grants or ‘matched funding’ can also be recorded, financial and physical obligation searches can be carried out with ease and a full reporting suite puts all information fully under the Project Manager’s control. The module offers a comprehensive financial management tool for complex infrastructure projects, which may have multiple contributors over several years, and goes a long way in assisting with the completion of statutory end of year reports and the discharge of LA’s responsibilities under the Localism Bill


The product is web-based which means that it does not require any client software installed. It can be accessed using a number of popular browsers like Internet Explorer or Firefox.
Installed and run from within your organisation, or hosted from our secure servers.
Easy to use forms with a logical process to follow.
Fully managed by administrators in your organisation, internally or externally*.
Corporate research facility live output of all current obligations financial and non financial find all available related obligations instantly.
Complete spending project module, records all allocation and spending against specific infrastructure projects.
Built in Document Management System to store all your documents.
Alerting facility.
Filter and Reporting with various output options.
Links directly to the Exacom S106 and CIL modules.
End of year CIL reporting.
Automatically backfills S106 allocation spend to the relevant S106 covenant/deed.
Audit trail.
Complete Corporate solution for CIL and S106 planning obligations.