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Ubernet.co.uk 1 CTF
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- Quake3 1.31 release for Windows (to join Ubernet 1 & Ubernet 2): Quake3 1.31 Total Downloads:
- Latest Quake3 1.32 release for Windows (32 & 64 bit): Quake3 1.32e Total Downloads:
- Latest pk3 files (baseq3): original pk3.zip Total Downloads:
- Map pack pk3 files for Ubernet OSP & Freeze: q3w3.zip Total Downloads:

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Ubernet 1 CTF 1.31:

Ubernet 2 CTF 1.31:

Ubernet 3 CTF 1.32:

Ubernet 4 CTF 1.32:

Ubernet.co.uk OSP 1 CTF: Automatic map download enabled

Ubernet.co.uk Freeze: Automatic map download enabled

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Join our Quakenet IRC channel: #ubernet.co.uk

Assistance in finding an irc client, joining quakenet and #ubernet.co.uk,
in both English and Russian, can be found at: Ubernet Guide to IRC