Welcome to Ubernet!

Ubernet IP Address will be changing soon.
This will take place by 27 June 2022
We appologise for the inconvenience, this is beyond our control
The New IP Address will be
The url www.ubernet.co.uk will work as normal for the new IP address when it changes

Player Statistics Pages. Updates every Saturday
Ubernet.co.uk 1 CTF : Updated 25-Jun
Ubernet.co.uk 2 CTF : Updated 25-Jun
Ubernet.co.uk 3 CTF : Updated 25-Jun
Ubernet.co.uk 4 CTF : Updated 25-Jun
Ubernet.co.uk OSP CTF : Updated 25-Jun
Ubernet.co.uk Freeze : Updated 25-Jun

Ubernet Hall of Fame : Updated 25-Jun

Site Visitors:

- Quake3 1.31 release for Windows (to join Ubernet 1 & Ubernet 2): Quake3 1.31 Total Downloads:
- Latest Quake3 1.32 release for Windows (32 & 64 bit): Quake3 1.32e Total Downloads:
- Latest pk3 files (baseq3): original pk3.zip Total Downloads:
- Map pack pk3 files for Ubernet OSP & Freeze: q3w3.zip Total Downloads:

Visit the Ubernet Server Pages on Gametracker:

Ubernet 1 CTF 1.31:   \connect   ubernet.co.uk:27960

Ubernet 2 CTF 1.31:   \connect   ubernet.co.uk:27962

Ubernet 3 CTF 1.32:   \connect   ubernet.co.uk:27964

Ubernet 4 CTF 1.32:   \connect   ubernet.co.uk:27966

Ubernet.co.uk OSP 1 CTF: Automatic map download enabled   \connect ubernet.co.uk:27967

Ubernet.co.uk Freeze: Automatic map download enabled   \connect   ubernet.co.uk:27968

Search Other Quake 3 Servers:

Quake3 Servers - Quake3 Servers @ gametrackers.com

Quakeservers - Quake3 Servers @ quakeservers.net

Join our Quakenet IRC channel: #ubernet.co.uk

Assistance in finding an irc client, joining quakenet and #ubernet.co.uk,
in both English and Russian, can be found at: Ubernet Guide to IRC